Principle Activities


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of:
– Aircraft’s Electrical, Instrument and related accessories
– Locomotive’s Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical components.


Repair and Service of Communication Electronic Components.


Supply and Delivery range of products for aircraft, locomotive, communication, electrical parts and test equipment’s.


Calibration of equiptments for electrical and electronic instruments.

Aviation Business Unit

a) Supply of military and security vehicles, equipment and systems for land based military, surface and sub-surface naval and coast guard, police and internal security unit.

b) Supply of aviation products, parts and spares for military and civil aircrafts system including helicopters.

c) Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts’ electrical, instruments, accessories, hydraulic and avionics.

Electronic and Calibration Business Unit

a) Supply of equipment, components and spare parts for electronics and telecommunication industry.

b) Repair and service of rectifier, power supply, PCB, electronics panel, control cards of telecommunication companies (telco).

c) Works of refurbish at site and warehouse for any equipment related for telecommunication companies (telco)

d) Repair and service of microwave transmission equipment, base station radio communication system, repeater, rru and others

e) Calibrate of equipments for electrical and electronic instrument

Engineering and Railway Business Unit

a) Supply of range of products related to engineering and railway industry.

b) Repair and refurbishment of electronics and electrical parts, and equipment related to engineering and railway industry. The unit has the ability to rewind and rebuilt any rotating apparatus such as motors, generators and pumps.