Was cooperated on 10th September 2001. Vas Aero initial business in Aviation Industry. Awarded  a Direct Purchasing Agreement (DPA) from Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense in 1999 to supply non-proprietary spare parts for western air crafts belonging to Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). Commencing as supplier of aircraft parts, Vas Aero expended its business activities into supply and repair of parts and components of locomotives and trains, and electrical and electronic components of telecommunication equipments. Subsequently in 2010 Vas ASero ventured into maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft electrical and instrument components and related activities. After transfer technology in equipment from Indonesia office. Vas Aero business activities encompass not only South East Asia region but also West Asia and Turkey. Vas Aero has built it reputation based on quality products and services with a “xero defect quality concept” of delivery. Vas Aero had proudly achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification through BEREAU VERITAS, aligning the company with the latest internationally accepted quality standards, CIDB, Directorate General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA), preparation accreditation from Malaysia Standard for MS17025 calibration certification. Vas Aero recognized by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services (MRO Department) 

MRO services was the main business activities in Vas Aero. We are servicing for component CN235 aircraft. Our main customer was Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)

Our Capabilities in MRO

  • 174 list of component repair for CN235
  • 38 list of component repair for C130H

Below list of our strongest repair item :

  • Air Cycle Machine
  • Hydraulic Motor Pump
  • E.W.C.U Box Warning
  • Auto Pilot Computer
  • Audio Control Panel
  • Directional Gyro
  • EFD-85/86 Electronic Flight Display
  • Relay Box (ZD101,ZD1,ZD2,ZD102)
  • Electronic Fuel Booster Pump
  • Actuator Ramp Door
  • Audio Master Panel Control Unit
  • Bay Cooling Fan
  • Box Warning
  • Cabin Pressure Control Unit
  • Constant Torque and APR Control Unit
  • Double Motor Actuator Valve
  • Fuel Flow Transmitter
  • Fuel Quantity Indicator
  • Engine Parameter Indicators Primary & Secondary Out- Flow
  • Inertial Navigation Unit


Vas Aero has extensive capabilities in instruments, electric, avionic, and accessories repair and overhaul. Our technicians each have at least ten years of experiences. Everyone on our well-trained team has the expertise to get the job done right and save the money in the long run. Our technical strong personal relationships with OEM,s giving Vas Aero instant access to crucial technical assistant and information. Our commitment to quality service is supported by precision test equipment. New and improved test equipment is constantly being added to serve our Customer’s changing needs.


Safety and quality is our primary concern. Our quality department is managed by inspectors that have over 10 years of combined military and commercial aviation experience with backgrounds in air carrier, military, and repair station operations. Our quality manual sets forth the guidelines that are closely followed by all repair station personnel including continuous audits, training, and review of internal inspection system. We always welcome any facility or source inspections by our customers at their convenience. A list of completed audits is maintained by the quality department and is available for?

In order to meet with with international quality standard, we have been certified with ISO 9001:2015 by Bereau Veritas in :

  • Trading Aircraft Spare Parts
  • Repair and Refurbishment of Locomotive’s Electrical and Electronic components
  • Repair and Maintenance for Aircraft Electrical Instruments Components and related accessorie


Aviation Business Unit

a) Supply of military and security vehicles, equipment and systems for land based military, surface and sub-surface naval and coast guard, police and internal security unit.
b) Supply of aviation products, parts and spares for military and civil aircrafts system including helicopters.
c) Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts’ electrical, instruments, accessories, hydraulic and avionics